Day 1: In the beginning…

No, today’s post is not a Bible lesson. However, God did give me this body and is trusting that I’ll take care of it. Hmmm, how’s that been going so far? Let’s just say I could be doing a better job. And that, my friends, is why I’m here.

I want to be fit. Not skinny, not prettier. Healthy, plain and simple. And I want to inspire others along the way. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and a fitness instructor who has let her weight hold her back for far too long. I haven’t done much with my certification because I’m scared…of what people will think, of not being good enough, and of not looking the part. This is going to change.

I took my weight and measurements on Friday. Doing both will be crucial for those times when I’ve hit a plateau and want to give up. This weight loss thing is psychological warfare, I tell ya! I’m tired of struggling with my weight. I’m over it…it’s not going to defeat me anymore!

I also checked my BMI on the website…I’m considered to be in the obese category. How incredibly sobering. They put it in nice bold letters for me. Lovely. My healthy weight range is between 111 and 150. There, now it’s public, literally spewed all over the internet. Guess I better follow through now, huh?

My first goal? Track my food. That’s it. This is a huge item for me. I find that nutrition is about 90% of the game, so I need to know what is going in my body, and when. That is my challenge for this first week: write it all down.

I’m (re)starting this journey, officially, three months after my third baby was born. It’s beyond time for me to get fit and healthy so I can keep up with these kiddos! So, I hit the gym this morning for some cardio. My alarm went off at 5:30; however, my husband had to pretty much kick me out the door at 7:15 so I would get my workout in. It’s great having a partner who cares about my health just as much as I should!

So the day started off well. Got in 20 minutes on a machine I call the stairliptical (because I keep forgetting to check the actual name of it), 6 minutes on the rower (I do not like that machine), and about 5 minutes on a spin bike. I shake my head because I used to do so much more. But, I’m coming off of just having a baby, so I’ve got to start somewhere! Did my foam rolling and then I was off! Here’s a lovely selfie of me after my gym workout.

Cute, huh? Sweaty and still not quite awake. But I survived. I walked in the door and my oldest wanted to play Go Fish. So that’s what we did. Because I’m not only trying to be a fit human being, I’m trying to be an intentional mama and wife. After our game, the girls and I busted out some pushups…

I did two and a half with the oldest on my back. Don’t let my picture fool ya! Then I pumped out eight more and did some stretching.

Later, as I was putting away the laundry, I did 20 squats, and Snow White did them with me! Here’s the proof.

Seriously, my kids are so cute.

It’s definitely time for bed. Gotta get up and do it all again tomorrow! (Well, maybe not all of it, hehe.) Here’s to another day on the right track!



4 thoughts on “Day 1: In the beginning…

  1. Hey Michelle! You ARE such an inspiration, and i’ve always felt that way! Don’t be afraid of using your certification, you rock! I am also back on this weight loss, getting healthy journey AGAIN! I’ve started logging all of my food and getting in some sort of workout everyday. We can keep each other motivated. Keep the posts, blogs and pics coming 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words, Steph! It’s hard to see yourself as others see you. I’m totally inspired by your workout posts! Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey!

      • I would definitely love to get together again for workouts. I’m getting back into things just walking for now but would love to incorporate a little jogging back into it. I’d love to do a 5k one day but gotta work my way there. ugh! I can’t wait until its nice out and can go to a park to do my workout outside

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