It’s February.

Yes, hello, Captain Obvious!  It’s the seventh day of February as a matter of fact.  Ha ha.

The point of the title?  Well, it’s February…and I have not kept my word on my original post from January.  My first goal was to track my food.  And guess what.  I didn’t write a single thing down.  Talk about self-sabotage.  I am the Queen of that!  Ugh, and what’s worse is that I even made it a public statement.  Fail.  Not my best moment.  I didn’t even go that big.  I kept it small for a reason…because I didn’t want to sit here and say, “Hey, I’m going to lose 5 lbs this week!”  Here I was, trying to play it smart…

So, now I have to sit back and reflect on why.  This is a step that is crucial and that I’ve never actually taken the time to do before.  Why didn’t I write anything down?  Was my goal “too big” for this season of my life?  What can I change in my original goal?  Was the goal not specific enough?  Do I need to commit to reporting everything to someone?  These are all questions that need answering.  Is my heart really in this right now?  What is missing?

It seems silly to answer some of these questions.  Was the goal too big?  Seriously?  All I was doing was writing stuff down.  I’m not committing to counting calories or points or anything like that.  I literally just wanted to write stuff down to get a really good picture of what I was doing.  What was going in my mouth, when, and how was I feeling when I ate it.  That’s all.

But, now that I’m reflecting on it, I think my biggest problem with every weight loss/get healthy journey I’ve been on before has been my lack of planning.

My super-organized, super-planning sister will just love this.  Yes, I am a poor planner.  I have my good days or weeks, but man, I could really spend some time to get better at this!  So, I believe that some tweaking in my goal is necessary.  I did not set myself up for success.  I had no great place to track all of my food that was easy to use (for me) and constantly at my fingertips.  I’m a pen and paper kind of gal when it comes to this type of thing.  I’m much faster at that than having an app on my phone and typing all of the information in or searching for a food.  I’m sure this is very useful and handy, but not for me.

Now that I’ve identified a rather huge weakness of mine, I need to readjust where I’m going and how I’m getting there.  Since I need to work on my planning abilities, my first goal needs to include planning.  So, with that in mind, my first official goal will be to do meal planning for the next week.

How do I accomplish this goal?  So glad you asked!  I very recently cleaned off the outside of my refrigerator.  While I have yet to find a spot for everything that was originally on there, the fridge looks amazing.  I added a corkboard to the side of it, and that’s where I will be putting the menu for the week.  It’s in a high-traffic area, so I will constantly be looking at it.  So will my husband…win-win!  I’m also carving out some time to write the plan on Sunday night (8pm – feel free to check on me!).  I’m putting this on my calendar so I see it, and I get a reminder.  The kids will be in bed, and I’ll have a good chance to really sit down and focus for awhile.

I can change the goal to read a little something like this: I will complete a weekly meal plan, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks on Sunday night at 8pm.  Now it’s super-specific and to the point.  It has a timeframe attached to it as well.  Another thing I can do to ensure my success is to use a meal-planning calendar.  That way, instead of just making a list of meals, I can see what I’m eating on what day.  (Helps my unorganized brain to focus.)

There you have it.  For the week of February 9th, I’m meal planning, baby!  Maybe I’ll even post what the plan is.  Then I’ll have to really stick with it.  Hmm…maybe.  🙂

What’s your goal for the week?  And, how are you going to accomplish it?