Pinterest May Kill Me

There are just too many fabulous things at my fingertips on Pinterest, and I have no problem helping myself to them! I’m mainly talking about the recipes, like the brownie-in-a-mug recipe that I just doubled. And let’s not forget the fact that I can sit on my butt perusing the site for hours on end…hello, sedentary lifestyle!

In all honesty, I am not really blaming a website for my demise. I have no one or thing to blame but myself for that. But it’s certainly not helping. As a matter of fact, all of my “connectedness” has been nothing but a hindrance to my desire for a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, I am plugged in 24/7. Oh, how I find myself longing for a simpler time, when our phones hung on the wall and the cell phone we carried was used for emergencies only. When we had to go to the library and research information in a book instead of online at the drop of a hat. Boy, my paranoia for childhood diseases in my kids would be greatly diminished. I might even be a little thinner, too.

Huh? A little thinner from not constantly being connected? What are you talking about? Well, let me explain. I’m the type of person who gets sucked into believing well-written, “study” backed, statistic spewing articles regarding health and wellness. You could call me “gullible”. I admit it and it drives my husband crazy! I don’t blame him. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried different diets because I read somewhere that a bunch of people had success with a certain way of eating. But hey, some of it sounds good! I think there is merit to some of it. However, if I didn’t have technology everywhere I turned, I probably wouldn’t be so all over with what I eat. I think I’ve now gotten to the point where my brain is shutting down because there’s too much “nutrition” information in there.  Now, I’m reverting back to what is comforting and familiar…eating whatever I want whenever I want to. Not good.

So, where do I go from here? Well, I’m not 100% sure. This is only one facet of my issues that I’ve identified…but it’s one that I can get a handle on. Less screen time! My cell phone will now live upstairs on the charger (I get so much more done that way anyhow), and if I need to go somewhere, the cell will stay in my bag. Or perhaps even in the car. I want to be present in my relationships. I don’t want my kids to only recognize me with a piece of technology in front of my face or attached to my ear. I want to be available to them and the other people in my life…by BEING.

Positive health thing from today: I ran! I ran outside for 20 glorious minutes. I thought about just going for a walk instead, but there is something about running. For me, it wakes up my body and my soul. I love it and have missed it so much. I need more days like that. Maybe tomorrow.

Here’s to a healthy tomorrow!


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