Hi! I’m Michelle. I am This Fit Mama…or at least I’m going to be. I’m a mom who’s trying to live life intentionally while searching for her true identity in this world. I have three beautiful children, a wonderful husband, and a desire to live the healthiest life I can. While I’m not there yet, I’m working my way down that path. I’m writing here simply to keep myself accountable (and maybe inspire a few people along the way!).

I did not grow up as a healthy eater. I’ve been overweight all of my life. I was what I’ll call semi-active in my childhood, but preferred to sit on the couch after school watching tv and eating an entire bag of Doritos (yeah, the big bag). A huge bowl of ice cream with globs of chocolate syrup and whipped cream was my before-bedtime snack almost every night.

My desire to help other people become healthy has been so great that over the past few years, I have become a certified Personal Trainer, a RRCA certified Running Coach, and I am going to become a certified Group Fitness Instructor.  I have all these wonderful tools right at my finger tips, and I want to start really using them.  I also want to become the example I so wish for everyone else.  I want to live my life as I want others to live theirs.

Becoming a fit human being has been one of the biggest challenges of my life.  I’ve been through this all before…I’ve been Heavy Michelle then Fit Michelle, up and down on the roller coaster time and time again.  I can do this; I’ve done it before.  But this time, I want it to stick.  I want to show the world and, more importantly, myself, that I do matter, that my life has meaning, and that I AM WORTH IT.

So now, in my thirties, I’m changing all of that past garbage. I’m tired of living my life scared. I’ve always dreamed big. Now it’s time to follow through on those dreams. It’s time to make good on those promises. It’s time to be This Fit Mama.


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