Today’s Accomplishments

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  I feel like I didn’t stop all day.  And I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.  The hubby is home on Sundays only during tax season…which, it’s lovely to see him, but it also means that my house can become total chaos.  Only because we try to fit a week’s worth of stuff into one day.  Yesterday not only held that “typical” chaos, but I was also out most of the day running errands, going to a basket bingo benefit, and having dinner with friends.  I’m pooped!  

Anyhow, I think I’m still trying to recover from the craziness of yesterday and haven’t fully caught up on the daily chores.  I did

Make the beds

Fold/organize the cloth diapers

Fold and put away the load of towels I did yesterday

Empty and reload the dishwasher

Start another load of laundry

Sort through kids’ clothes to give away

Sort/throw away some of the clutter in the dining room (score!)

Looking at the list now, I’m actually pretty thrilled with how the day went.  My house still looks like three little tornadoes went through it (even though my littlest is just starting to sit up on his own), but I did get a bunch accomplished.  And, my baby boy is cutting his first tooth…so he did need extra snuggles today.  Just gotta keep knocking things out, one at a time.  Hopefully, the rest of my life will start falling into place soon, too!


Today’s Accomplishments

I’ve always been one to write lists…and then never follow through with them.  Mainly because I’d write lists that were WAY too overwhelming.  Sometimes, I’ve even broken them down to the point where I had every minute of the day planned out.  Hour by hour.  Not good for a black-and-white type of person like me.  If I didn’t get something completely done by the time I was supposed to move onto the next thing, the whole day would blow up in my face.  So, I did not make a checklist today.  But, boy, did I get a bunch done.  And all before 10AM, too!


Made all three beds (eventually I will be having my girls making their own, but I’m starting small with them, too.  Right now, they clear their places at mealtimes.  Good enough for me.)

Vacuumed the downstairs (isn’t it great when you’re having people over?)

Emptied and reloaded dishwasher

Cleared kitchen counter tops

Washed pots and pans

Started laundry

It’s the little things that seem to make a big difference.  Since tomorrow is Saturday, I’m usually thrown off my routine.  But, the plan is to stick with it and maybe tackle one or two other things as well.  Ah, the sweet smell of victory…no matter how small!