Passion and a Recipe Review!


What’s your passion?  By definition, Merriam-Webster says it’s “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”.  Well, I’ve found that one of my passions is writing.  Not just writing in general, but writing about health and wellness.  Yes, I’m passionate about my family.  But I’m finding that writing and journaling light a fire within me that gets me excited to complete a new post immediately.  It’s something for me, not for anyone else.  It has taken me so long to find this.  I feel as though I’ve just been clunking along through this life without really knowing where I belong.  Those tides are changing, and I’m so thankful!

Of course, I’ve been much better about writing about health than actually following through with it!  Man, do I know a lot.  I read everything I can get my hands on, and, unfortunately it all sounds good.  I know that I may be gullible or naive when it comes to “facts” on nutrition (just ask my hubby how many times I’ve tried to change our diets at home).  I’m quickly learning that there is no one-size-fits-all way of eating.  Duh.  What works for me may not work for you.  I can’t just copy what someone else is doing and expect to be super-fit by the next morning.  Oh yeah…and there’s no magic pill for weight loss.  Shocking, I know, but I’ve already tried to find it.  Doesn’t exist.  What I did find is that it’s all about the mindset.  If your head AND your heart aren’t in the game, true change cannot occur.  All in or not at all because the middle of the road will only get you part way.  I started a dream journal to help me visualize where I want my life to be at the end of this year.  Here’s the first page.


It’s a good reference point in case my mind wanders.  And it does.  Often.

Writing about this journey is keeping me on track.  Sharing with the world (you know, the small portion that’s paying attention) my intent has shed new light on the situation.  So many of us are going through the same thing with only minor differences.  I have always had a desire to help others but have never really known how to do that.  This is how.  This is my passion.  What’s yours?

Onto another topic: being that intentional mama that I was talking about earlier.  Yesterday, instead of worrying about cleaning the house (which I never really do anyway) and doing the laundry, the kids and I read books in the morning.  One of the books was Emily and the Snowflake by Jan Wahl.  Emily catches the first snowflake that falls on Christmas Eve, but it melts when she goes into the house to show her parents.  Her mother then cuts out a paper snowflake so Emily has one that never melts.  So, that’s what we did yesterday.  The big one loved it.


The smaller one, not as into it, but she humored me.


We hung our artwork on the windows and doors.


(I know, I really need to work on my photography skills.  Trust me, it’s a goal for this year.)

It really is amazing what can happen when you take the time to just…slow…down.  I have a totally new perspective on life when I do that.

I’d love to hear your passions and how you’re making it a point to be more intentional in your relationships!  Share some ideas in the comments!

Now, onto the recipe!  I’ve made this twice now, and I am just salivating thinking about the fact that they’re sitting in my fridge right now.  “No Bake” Chocolate Chia PB Cookies.  De-lish.  I got this recipe emailed to me by Peak313 Fitness.  Love this website!  It’s a great tool for health and fitness with the spiritual link that many of us don’t incorporate into this area of our lives.  Check it out!

Here’s the recipe: 

1 cup of nut butter (I used natural peanut butter)
1/3 cup raw honey (or whatever honey you have.  Original recipe calls for 2/3 c, which I did use)
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted (I substituted butter because I don’t currently have coconut oil in my house)
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup raw cacao powder (or cocoa, or carob)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 – 3 cups oatmeal (Adjust depending on how dense you want it. If you use more, you may want to use more honey – I used 2 c)


Start by mixing all the wet ingredients together well.  Then add the dry ingredients and mix those together well, too.  Since I used 2 cups of oats, it was a little tougher to mix together, but give it a little elbow grease.  🙂  


Chill the dough in the fridge for about an hour (or whenever you get back from running errands).  I threw mine in the fridge while my oldest was at preschool.  And then I did some pushups.  This was my view.


Total motivator right there!

After the dough is chilled, take it out and roll it into bite-sized “cookies”.  Put them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge.  I have no idea what a serving size is.  I probably wouldn’t eat them all in one sitting (although I may have almost done that).  But I did eat a lot of them over the weekend (like I said, this is my second batch that I made), and I’m happy to say that today I’m down 3.3 lbs from Friday!  No, it’s not from eating a ton of these cookies, but they didn’t kill my waistline either.  VICTORY!  Thanks for the awesome recipe Peak313!

Do you have any interesting recipes that have helped you in your journey?  Link them up in the comments!



Day 1: In the beginning…

No, today’s post is not a Bible lesson. However, God did give me this body and is trusting that I’ll take care of it. Hmmm, how’s that been going so far? Let’s just say I could be doing a better job. And that, my friends, is why I’m here.

I want to be fit. Not skinny, not prettier. Healthy, plain and simple. And I want to inspire others along the way. I’m a certified Personal Trainer and a fitness instructor who has let her weight hold her back for far too long. I haven’t done much with my certification because I’m scared…of what people will think, of not being good enough, and of not looking the part. This is going to change.

I took my weight and measurements on Friday. Doing both will be crucial for those times when I’ve hit a plateau and want to give up. This weight loss thing is psychological warfare, I tell ya! I’m tired of struggling with my weight. I’m over it…it’s not going to defeat me anymore!

I also checked my BMI on the website…I’m considered to be in the obese category. How incredibly sobering. They put it in nice bold letters for me. Lovely. My healthy weight range is between 111 and 150. There, now it’s public, literally spewed all over the internet. Guess I better follow through now, huh?

My first goal? Track my food. That’s it. This is a huge item for me. I find that nutrition is about 90% of the game, so I need to know what is going in my body, and when. That is my challenge for this first week: write it all down.

I’m (re)starting this journey, officially, three months after my third baby was born. It’s beyond time for me to get fit and healthy so I can keep up with these kiddos! So, I hit the gym this morning for some cardio. My alarm went off at 5:30; however, my husband had to pretty much kick me out the door at 7:15 so I would get my workout in. It’s great having a partner who cares about my health just as much as I should!

So the day started off well. Got in 20 minutes on a machine I call the stairliptical (because I keep forgetting to check the actual name of it), 6 minutes on the rower (I do not like that machine), and about 5 minutes on a spin bike. I shake my head because I used to do so much more. But, I’m coming off of just having a baby, so I’ve got to start somewhere! Did my foam rolling and then I was off! Here’s a lovely selfie of me after my gym workout.

Cute, huh? Sweaty and still not quite awake. But I survived. I walked in the door and my oldest wanted to play Go Fish. So that’s what we did. Because I’m not only trying to be a fit human being, I’m trying to be an intentional mama and wife. After our game, the girls and I busted out some pushups…

I did two and a half with the oldest on my back. Don’t let my picture fool ya! Then I pumped out eight more and did some stretching.

Later, as I was putting away the laundry, I did 20 squats, and Snow White did them with me! Here’s the proof.

Seriously, my kids are so cute.

It’s definitely time for bed. Gotta get up and do it all again tomorrow! (Well, maybe not all of it, hehe.) Here’s to another day on the right track!